CS 3520 Advanced Topics in Computer Networks


We are now on the cusp of a significant evolution in information technology, one which has the potential to completely change how computing is carried out and how information technology infrastructure is provisioned, managed and protected. This seminar will examine what cloud computing is, considering both the benefits and challenges that it brings about; and will explore future research directions and open questions in this emerging field of computing and computing infrastructure. The course will focus on the critical technology trends that are enabling cloud computing, the architecture and the design of existing deployments, the services and the applications they offer, and the challenges that needs to be addressed to help cloud computing to reach its full potential. The format of this course will be a mix of lectures, seminar-style discussions, and student presentations. Students will be responsible for paper readings, and completing a hands-on project. Readings will be selected from recent conference proceedings and journals.

  • Credits: 0


Requirements and Grading