Permission Number Application System

Please read and follow instructions carefully. Incomplete requests will be denied and will put you further down on the request/waiting list.

At least one request box must be checked. If permission of the instructor is required, it must be included at the time of your request. Email approvals can be printed to pdf and attached. This is the preferred method.

There are two types of requisite overrides.

  1. Course equivalent completed but not recognized. For example COE 0132 in place of CS 0441 or COE 0445 in place of CS 0445 or MATH 0120 or 0235 in place of MATH 0220.
  2. Requisite missing. Permission of the instructor is required. Please request that authorization prior to submitting your request.

There are two types of career overrides.

  1. Undergraduates taking graduate classes must have permission of the instructor of the graduate class.
  2. Graduate students requesting undergraduate classes may require TWO authorizations - from your graduate advisor AND the instructor of the class. If you do not have the prerequisites, you must receive permission from the instructor for BOTH the requisite and career override.

There are two types of consent overrides.

  1. Department consent.
  2. Instructor consent. Permission of the instructor must be included with your request.

CLOSED OVERRIDES WILL NOT BE ISSUED. Any entry into closed classes will only be processed from the waiting list.

Please use the details area to provide additional information. For example, "took Math 0235 for Math 0220."

All requests are "processing" until approved or denied. Requests made during the two week enrollment period for fall and spring term can take longer to be reviewed and processed. All requests require at least two business days to process.

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