Privacy is an increasingly significant concern in our modern, connected society. We all share personal information on a daily basis with a wide range of organizations. Although at times such sharing can be intentional and beneficial for the user, other times information is shared against the user’s will, used for purposes that the user did not expect, revealed to entities other than those approved by the user, or used to infer additional information that the user did not intend to reveal. In this course, students will learn to reason about what information is revealed through the use of computer systems. They will study several different scenarios in which information sharing is either unavoidable or to some extent desirable, and discuss the balance between the benefits and costs of sharing. Finally, students will learn about several privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), and how these can be put to use by software developers to defend the privacy of their users.
Requirements: PREQ: CS 0441 and CS 1501 with a minimum grade of C or T.

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