INFSCI 0610 NETWORKS AND INFORMATION (replacing INFSCI 1070, effective Fall 2020)


Networks are present in most aspects of our lives. On a daily basis, we rely on communication networks to get our work done, on transportation networks to travel around the city or around the world, and on social networks (both physical and virtual) for our well being. There are many other ways in which networks enter our lives in visible and invisible ways. This course is an introductory look into the science of networks and how that science affects us in what we do. As a result, we will study some of the basic ideas that emerge out of network science with particular attention to the ways in which these ideas arise in the networks that touch our lives on a regular basis. One of the principal types of networks that we will study will be computer communications networks. Thus, a secondary goal of this course is to introduce students to some of the principal ideas and technologies in computer networks.
Enrollment Requirements: PREQ: INFSCI 0310 or INFSCI 0009; Minimum C grade or Transfer; Enrollment not permitted if previously enrolled in INFSCI 1070.

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Summer 2021

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20733 (1000)MW2:30 pm - 4:15 pmCRAWF 169P. Bustamante Soliz

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