INFSCI 1079 COMPUTER NETWORKING LABORATORY (replaced by INFSCI 1660, effective June 30, 2020)

The objective of this lab-based course is to gain knowledge of fundamental computer networking issues through hands-on experiments with network equipment and services. The sequence of labs start at the physical layer and progress up the protocol stack to the application layer. Topics covered are signal generation and analysis at the physical layer, ethernet and wlan performance and management, ip address planning and management, ip router configuration including rip, ospf, bgp, mpls protocols, tcp connection control, stateful packet filtering, network monitoring and management, signaling protocols for voip services, and web-based services configuration.

Academic Career: Undergraduate
Course Component: Lecture
Grade Component: Letter Grade
Course Requirements: PREQ: INFSCI 1070 and 1071; PROG: School of Information Sciences or Sch Computing and Information
Minimum Credits: 3
Maximum Credits: 3