INFSCI 1400 ANALYSIS OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS (replacing INFSCI 1024, effective June 30, 2020)

This course provides state-of-the-art skills in requirements management and scope management, which is critical for successful IT projects. Topics include best practices in eliciting, documenting, verifying and modeling requirements. This is an active learning course where students develop an analysis model for a realistic IT project which can serve as a foundation for an analysis model that is suitable for inclusion in the student's IT portfolio.

Academic Career: Undergraduate
Course Component: Lecture
Grade Component: Letter Grade (default) Satisfactory/No credit (option)
Course Requirements: PREQ: INFSCI 0410 or INFSCI 1044; Minimum C grade or Transfer; Enrollment not permitted if previously enrolled in INFSCI 1024
Minimum Credits: 0
Maximum Credits: 0

Current Sections

Spring 2023

Class No.DaysTimesRoomInstructor(s)TA(s)Type
28068 (1080)Tu3:00 pm - 5:30 pmIS 406L. Mitchell