INFSCI 1500 DATABASE MGMT CONCEPTS & APPS (replacing INFSCI 1022, effective Fall 2020)


This course introduces students to the practical methodologies of data design, management, storage, and retrieval in the context of relational database management systems. This course covers fundamental concepts of effective database development process, including entity-relationship model, normalization, structured query language (SQL), basics of transaction management and physical database design.
Enrollment Requirements: PREQ: (INFSCI 0510 or INFSCI 0419 or INFSCI 0019) or (CMPINF 0401 or CS 0401 or INFSCI 0017); Minimum C grade or Transfer; Enrollment not permitted if previously enrolled in INFSCI 1022.

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Spring 2021

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31444 (1080)W3:25 pm - 5:55 pmWPU G40R. Perkoski

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